Born and raised in Brazil, Gissela is a mother, wife, choir director, singer and worship leader who has served many through her music. She has used her talent well to enrich the lives of people around her. Her love for God is exceptional as she allowed her passion to find full expression, even during the busiest seasons in her life.

At the young age of 4, Gissela started sharing God’s words through music. She enjoyed her school and teenage years singing in various groups and choirs and touring all over South America, accumulating thousands of hours recording with some of the best singers and producers in Brazil and recording programs for Adventist radio stations.

She moved to the US for college and graduate education, and worked at La Sierra Academy as a High School teacher for 4 years, but her passion for music never diminished. She was a worship leader in California for many years gaining vast experience with an incredible live band, until she met her loving husband, Mark and moved to Nashville. They are blessed with 3 beautiful daughters together, Kylie (10), London (7) and Charli (4). She has not allowed her singing ministry to affect raising her lovely family, and dreamed of her children worshiping with her even before they were born.

With that in mind, Gissela has spent her free time since 2007 directing a children’s choir (Kids in Tune) where hundreds of kids have been blessed locally and thousands around the world. She had her first opportunity as a co-producer making the choir’s first album, Thankful Heart, and working with Nashville’s finest musicians. Gissela has also been a worship leader for over a decade, leading her local church as well as conferences around the country in worship.

In 2019, Gissela released her first solo EP, titled “RECKLESS GRACE,” which is an amazing compilation of God’s grace and hope for us delivered through beautiful and inspirational music.


Just a year later, Gissela was inspired to create another album--this one filled with timeless hymns and special guests. As 2020 wrecks havoc on lives around the world, she prays this album provides a balm to soothe and remind that God remains in control.


Gissela dreams to continue to sing, lead worship and teach, not just her daughters, but every child in her choir to serve God through music. Her goal is to spread the good news of God’s love through music all over the world!

"The six-track album is a brilliant piece of work... There is a wonderful sense of positivity and hope throughout."

                                                             - FVReviews