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Origin: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Genre: Indie Christian

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Gissela finds that the only way to experience a glimpse of God’s greatness is through worship!


In 2022, Gissela has been writing new music with friend and producer Chad Carlson. She has released two singles from the project: "From Where I'm Standing" and "Sometimes."
She shares with us the story behind "From Where I'm Standing:"

“Sometimes we forget to give credit to the One who is keeping us standing! You see, it’s not through our own efforts; it is not through our own merit. The only reason we worship from a place of victory, or get to worship at all, is because of the mercy and love of Christ for us shown on the cross. He calls us to lean on Him, trust in Him, and let Him fight the battle for us.”

Gissela is also a busy wife, mom to three girls, worship leader, and director of a large children’s choir, Kids in Tune, in Nashville TN. She has released two previous EPs: Reckless Grace (2019) and Introspections (2020).

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